Soulful Sunday: New Friends

I have lived in the same general area most of my life, so I know a lot of people in my hometown through school, college, church and work.

I have had many friends over the years who have come and gone. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting that people go. My sister and her husband and stepson live in California. My best friends live in Texas and Georgia. And I have great friends I have met over the years who live as far away as The Netherlands!

A thought that has popped into my mind is “why make new friends if they’re just going to leave?”

But the overwhelming inner response is always: “Look what I would’ve missed out on if I hadn’t been open to new friends?”

As much as I wish I could keep all my dear friends close to me physically, it is impossible–unless I become wealthy and pay for their expenses to live nearby (which I’m not above doing if I ever win the lottery).

So I remind myself to be open to new people. And when a person who I am close to announces they are leaving, I tell them I’m sad for the departure but I’m happy they have a better opportunity elsewhere. And I always think one day we will be together again!

Having friends all over makes it awesome to get to visit and go to new places. It just makes it hard to decide where/who to be with for holidays!!

How do you accept change when it comes to friends and family moving?


Soulful Sunday: Be a Kid

I don’t have a lot to say today, but I want to encourage you to remember your inner kid!

Today I was watching the Disney channel briefly, they have a lot of cute shows, and I watched an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.

The youngest child was working as a fortune teller in a carnival game and he was called Salazar (something like that). It was really funny that he kept talking about how awesome it was to have a beard and mustache, so I decided since it was so fun I would like to try it out.

Here’s me with a great ‘stache. For the record, I drew it without looking in a mirror!!


Don’t forget to have fun. Life is too short to always act like a grown up. There’s a time for hard work but there’s a time to play as well!

Do something fun this week! It will make you feel so good!

Soulful Sunday: Clean Out the Junk

I am embarrassed by how dirty my room/bathroom/closet have become.

So I’m doing something about it right now. Cleaning and organizing are skills I can do, but my problem comes at maintaining.

My goal after this overhaul is to focus on maintaining.

Just as things tend to naturally accumulate in a house, so do the thoughts in your mind. No matter how much we let go of the past, situations occur in our day to day routine that can add up.

We hoard thoughts about others and ourselves not realizing how much stuff is taking up space in our mental closet. If we don’t clear out the clutter in our mind, we will begin suffering from unhappiness, unhealthy self images and other negative behaviors.

Here’s a challenge for me and you. What areas can you clean up this week in your physical house and your emotional home? I know there are some things that I need to tidy up in my heart. I have had hurtful, stressful, & painful moments occur in the last few weeks that I do not want to litter my mentality.

As I remove the refuse in my room, I’m thinking about the baggage I have to get rid of emotionally as well. I’m forgiving the people who wronged me. I’m thinking of positive things. I’m dreaming of my future. And I’m deciding to be nice to people even when they don’t deserve it.

What are some ways you maintain your emotional health?

Soulful Sunday: Share Your Story

We all have different experiences. We all have different pain, frustration and traumatic pasts. We also have different joys, love, and good experiences.

Life is meant to be shared.

Sometimes your story will help someone who feels alone or like they’re the only going through something.

Sometimes you feel alone and need encouragement.

If you feel a nudge to tell about a personal story but you think “oh, they don’t care.”

Think again.

Your story may be exactly what is needed.

Just be ready to listen when someone wants to tell you their story.

What happened this week in your life that could encourage some else?

Soulful Sunday: Reconnecting with loved ones

Anytime I get to spend time with my close friends and family it soothes my soul.

This weekend I was able to spend some time with cousins that I grew up with and their families.

Not only was it a welcomed break in my life but the familiarity of family feels so good.

As we get close to holiday times I’m reminding myself to cherish the moments we get to show and receive love from the people who matter.

Now I’m home and just laid down to rest and still feeling the warm fuzziness in my heart. I anticipate some great rejuvenating sleep.

Who have you been meaning to connect or reconnect with?

Soulful Sunday: Stop criticizing yourself

You have heard that you are your own worst critic right?

I know that I am more critical than anyone else is when it comes to my crafts and musical ability but why?

When we focus on all the negativity, not only do we sell ourselves short, but we’re missing out on so much.

It drives me crazy when a person who I see as beautiful, an incredible friend, loyal wife, thoughtful mother, etc. can only focus on the things she imagines are negative about herself.

Here’s my thought for the day, this week I challenge you to catch yourself when you say or think something negative about yourself and exchange it for something positive.

If you can’t think of something positive about yourself, think of a compliment you received from a friend or family member, maybe something nice that was written to you in a birthday card or on Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.


Soulful Sunday: Hurt people hurt people.

We all handle emotional pain in different ways. If you get to know someone really well, you will find out what past situations and pain have most impacted their life.

I’ve noticed that there are three groups people fall into when it comes to emotional pain.

Group #1

Some people seem to be very resilient. They overcome each obstacle with little to no down time. They seem so positive and upbeat, that when you get to know they have had difficulties in their past, it may seem unbelievable that they can get out of bed each morning. Somehow, they find strength each day and they can truly see the silver lining in the cloud. Maybe through therapy, talking with a close confidant, a religious experience, or sheer will power, they have been able to move on.

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