About Me: Angie

I’m Angie.

I love to create and imagine the possibilities.

I enjoy learning new things—especially when it comes to home décor, arts, crafts and DIY.

If I were left alone and could do anything I wanted, I’d spend my time designing and making new crafts, drinking Publix diet sweet tea, watching Criminal Minds and/or Suits, and surfing the internet—sometimes all at the same time!

There’s no limit to the human imagination and in its purest form, it’s unstoppable.

Read this post if you are interested in learning why I named my blog “Dotta and Beam Beam.”

Here are a few words that describe me. There are good ones and bad ones because we all have things to work on, right?

I’m expressive.

I’m outgoing.10931436_10155101898145313_6000342649617271994_n

I’m creative.

I’m passionate.

I’m funny.

I’m fun.

I’m sarcastic.

I’m real.

I’m bossy.

I’m loving.

I’m forgiving.

I’m feisty.

I’m nice.

I’m mean.

I’m bold.

But sometimes I’m shy.

I’m Angie.


I value your comment. Therefore I respond to everyone who takes the time to leave a note.

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