Where am I?

During the month of November I focused on getting my house in order. I hosted Thanksgiving for my family at my apartment.

As an avid arts and crafts freak–my mind and home are full of project ideas. Many have been started and not completed. Not only did I host Thanksgiving, but I also hosted my sister and her husband. Which meant that I had to clean and organize my craft room to make room for an air mattress and their suitcases.

I spent many hours that I would’ve probably been blogging and/or crafting–cleaning. BTW, the most annoying thing I’ve ever experienced is scrubbing a floor clean–only to be full of dirty mess the very next day! But that is one of the sacrifices one must make when one agrees to have people over for Thanksgiving!

Expect the Unexpected 

On top of all that goes into a big holiday event at home, a few other things occurred unexpectedly but with reason and purpose.

1. I donated a Christmas Wreath to a local charity that is raising money to help Habitat for Humanity with Project Patriot. The wreaths are available for purchase through a silent auction. The profits will go to help ensure that no veteran in Marion County will suffer because of no housing or poor housing standards. Although I know many people that criticize the homeless population, they are near and dear to my heart because my uncle was murdered on the streets while homeless. The unexpected part was that I had to have it done and submitted by Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Because of all of my preparation on my house I had to complete the wreath on the day it was due. Here is how it turned out!

2. While I was working on this wreath, my former roommate called and asked if I could take a plate of food to her grandmother on Thanksgiving. Through some family difficulties that happened at the last minute she was going to be alone and with no turkey on Thanksgiving! How horrific! Ideally I would’ve loved to have her join us, but she lives almost an hour away from me and we were unable to make arrangements for a ride. After our festivities were complete on Thursday, I drove out to her place and brought her a plate of food. She was ecstatic I was able to share some of our delicious meal and I was blessed to spend about an hour with her just talking and visiting. My friend said her g-ma doesn’t let people take pics very often, but she let me! 🙂

3. On Thanksgiving morning, my friend asked if I could watch her 1 year old baby for a few hours as she had to work. Because I love her son and he is so much fun, I didn’t even hesitate! I had helpers who were able to keep him company while I prepped the Turkey and worked on other elements of our celebration. Here’s a pic of us all having fun with the baby and my sister’s dog.

    From Left to right: My sister Josie, Baby Luke, Mr. Cuddles & Brandi

The moral of this story is that in the busy-ness of life, holidays and all that entails, don’t forget the important things: Family, loved ones and giving. Also, even though things happen that are not always planned, they create more memories in the long run.

Hope you all are having a great holiday season.



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