Feature Friday: Fashion Finds

Feature Friday

Today I’d like to discuss how I find fashion for less when I want to save money on clothing, shoes, and accessories.Like most women I love to buy new clothes but with how the economy has become sometimes buying a tank of gas is more important than buying a new pair of shoes. However, even with money being tight I have perfected my method of finding clothes for much less.

I have always been a bargain hunter meaning, I don’t usually buy anything unless it is on sale. My family says I have a knack for finding deals but I think anyone can do it if they look where some are not willing to. While growing up in Florida one of my favorite stores to find deals was at Bealls’ Outlet. They had certain days where you automatically get discounts. Friday’s were discounted for 49 years old and under and Monday’s were discounted for 50 years old and up. Not only can you get those discounts on everything but you can find sale items and end up paying almost nothing.

Where I am living now, in California, we do not have a Bealls’ Outlet and the Ross Stores in my area are pretty picked through. So I have had to search out other places to save. My best place to save is in my most recent find: the Goodwill. As a military wife I get a 20% discount on everything in the store.  I have always liked thrift stores but haven’t utilized them as much as in the last year because I could find brand new clothes in Florida for about the same price as a lot of thrift stores; however, where I live now I have been able to find the best deals on clothing in thrift stores so I’ve broadened where I search.

This also helps me since I work in a preschool class and we do a lot of crafts, play on the playground, and sit on the floor a lot. I have not wanted to spend a lot of money on clothes for work if there is a chance I will just end up ruining them. I will show a couple of examples of clothing that I have purchased from thrift stores recently. I’d like to encourage you to be open to looking for nice quality clothing at places you may not expect to find them for amazing prices.

Paid: $3.99


Paid: $2.50

$4.99 plus 20% discount, Paid: $3.99

$7.99 plus 20% discount, Paid: $6.40

Happy Shopping,



2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Fashion Finds

  1. Good job! Those are really cute clothes! I was also raised to find bargains. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve paid full price for clothes and that was because we needed a specific item at a certain time and couldn’t wait for it to go on sale.

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