Merry Monday: Mother Follow Up

After I posted last week’s post, I read it to my mother (here’s the post in case you missed it).

She laughed of course.

Then later in the week while we were having a conversation about some people that she has recently had confrontation with, she said “Now Angie you can’t blog about this.”

So I informed her that any of our conversations are potential blogs. But that this one time I would give her a pardon.

I will say this–without revealing her confidential information–someone looked at her purse.

Now if you read last week’s post, you will understand that she does not do well with people who do not respect the purse. She did not do anything to this person that would cause her to be in trouble but she did address the situation.

I can guarantee that if my mother had TV cameras following her, she would cause more buzz than Honey Boo Boo and her mama June.

But I doubt my mother would ever agree to that type of fame. So we will just have to settle on discussing the funny things my mom does on this forum.

What does your mom or dad do that they wouldn’t want to share publicly?


4 thoughts on “Merry Monday: Mother Follow Up

    • Could probably write a book about the quirks of my parents, but Abbey has also probably started hers about me. Lol! One thing about my dad is that he is very self-disciplined (OCD) about his eating habits. He eats a small bowl of ice cream every Thurs night…..and only on Thursday, and he has something specific like that for each night of the week. Tues morning, is cereal morning, and he has a specific day for pancakes as well. Also, don’t call him between the hours of 12:30-1:30 because you don’t want to disturb him while he is watching ” the Young and the Restless.” That had been his routine for about 30 years.

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