Edited–Super Craft Saturday: Sequin Wrapped Beads

To my subscribers: Please disregard my earlier post from tonight. I apologize for posting in error!

Many of my friends and family would consider me crafty. Although I can do and have done crafts, I do not think I’m more crafty than the next person, I’m just more open to learning new things.

If I see something in the store or online that is expensive to purchase, and I can see that it’s easily constructed, I’m apt to spend more money on the supplies to create my own version. Then if it goes well I will make more to give as gifts. And depending on how interesting the item is I will occasionally sell the item.

I do think of myself as artistic and I have moments of creativity. However, to make a craft, I do not think that one needs to be creative or have special skills. With all the projects and tutorials online (Uh, Hello Pinterest), crafts are a dime a dozen. Almost any craft I have ever completed has usually been inspired by someone else. Even if my project turns out a little differently.

More than anything, if I create or craft something, even if it is a replica of someone else’s project, I feel a sense of accomplishment. To me using my motor skills is therapeutic. Whether it be time consuming or a quick project, focusing my mind on the task at hand relieves a lot of stress and occupies my thoughts with creative energy and expression versus mundane daily tasks.

Some people have said “I don’t have the patience for that.” But if they were to actually try, they may be surprised.

I have never taken a jewelry making class, but reading a Martha Stewart tutorial for a project inspired me to make a necklace.

Here is the Martha Stewart tutorial if you are interested: Sequin-Wrapped Beads.

The next picture is my version. The cost of this project was very inexpensive and I ended up giving it to my BFF Tash, in Texas.


The only thing I had to buy for this project was the glue to attach the sequins and the wooden beads, I already had the sequins and ribbon. For the ends of the ribbon I used a lighter to burn the edges and seal them to prevent fraying.

I share my projects with friends and family not to brag or boast, but to hopefully inspire others to try something new.

What have you made with your hands lately?




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