Throwback Thursday: Love in Any Language

When I attended elementary school, we had an annual World’s Fair celebration for one week each year. During this celebration week, we would study other countries of the world including their customs, culture and even taste some of their delicacies. I remember one year we studied France and made Crêpes!

During the World’s Fair week we listened to a theme song each day played during the morning announcements.

I enjoyed the song so much that I sang it in our talent show in 4th grade. And each morning instead of the original song being played, the administrators played my version of it. They also played my version when I was in 5th grade.

The song was a little cheesy and the original singer was a little operatic, but I thought about the words to this song and I think our world and definitely the U. S. A. could use a reminder of the lyrics–right about now!

Basically the song says that although we all have differences, are hearts are the same. We need and want to receive and give love.

Regardless of our differences or political preference–let’s get back to what really matters in life: Love!

Mean and hateful people are usually people that need love most. So if you have some angry/bitter/hateful people in your lives right now, show them some love.

I can guarantee it will make a difference.

Love to you all!




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