Wisdom Wednesday: Dealing with Difficult People

Several years ago I attended a training session that was focused on dealing with difficult people. The primary goal was to help people learn how to deal with others in the work place or customers.

One of the surprising points that we learned was that the most difficult person we will ever deal with is ourselves.

The person staring back in the mirror.

Numero uno! Number one!

What the trainer, this fiery little lady, proceeded to explain is that we have difficulties with other people because we do not understand how we are uniquely different from every other person in the world. We had to learn about our personality so we could learn how to deal with other personalities.

The training class was extremely interesting and unlike most training or seminars where we sit there thinking about lunch, texting, googling, doodling, and trying to stay awake.

When we first walked into the classroom, there was a Q-Tip / Cotton Swab sitting at each person’s desk. We wondered for awhile what this would represent.


The fiery little lady explained that this Q-Tip would become more than a visual aid. It would help us deal with people for many years to come. She explained the Q-Tip was meant to remind us to:


Q. T. I. P. = Quit Taking It Personal

She was right!

Q.T.I.P. has helped me handle difficult people and difficult situations. Whether I encounter confrontation at work, home, church, or family, I constantly rehearse in my thoughts: Quit Taking It Personal!

We all have different life experiences.

We all have been hurt by others.

We all have different goals, passions, gifts, expressions.

We all have different buttons that get pushed.

We all have failures, disappointments and struggles.

Our outlooks, perspectives and expectations are completely different.

So the next time someone doesn’t behave the way you feel is appropriate remember the Q.T.I.P. principle and Quit Taking It Personal!

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Thank you everyone!



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