Soulful Sunday: Clean Out the Junk

I am embarrassed by how dirty my room/bathroom/closet have become.

So I’m doing something about it right now. Cleaning and organizing are skills I can do, but my problem comes at maintaining.

My goal after this overhaul is to focus on maintaining.

Just as things tend to naturally accumulate in a house, so do the thoughts in your mind. No matter how much we let go of the past, situations occur in our day to day routine that can add up.

We hoard thoughts about others and ourselves not realizing how much stuff is taking up space in our mental closet. If we don’t clear out the clutter in our mind, we will begin suffering from unhappiness, unhealthy self images and other negative behaviors.

Here’s a challenge for me and you. What areas can you clean up this week in your physical house and your emotional home? I know there are some things that I need to tidy up in my heart. I have had hurtful, stressful, & painful moments occur in the last few weeks that I do not want to litter my mentality.

As I remove the refuse in my room, I’m thinking about the baggage I have to get rid of emotionally as well. I’m forgiving the people who wronged me. I’m thinking of positive things. I’m dreaming of my future. And I’m deciding to be nice to people even when they don’t deserve it.

What are some ways you maintain your emotional health?


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