Super Craft Saturday: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

One of my friends is hosting a dinner/fundraiser for the March of Dimes and she asked if I wanted to participate by donating an item to be auctioned off. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and started a wood sign project.

Today I’m sharing a short tutorial of how I made the sign.


I glued 2 boards together and set them in place with a thin strip of wood that was cut in 1/2. Gorilla glue works every time!


I spray painted the board white and then taped off the letters E A T. I was going to do this differently until I realized I could create them with tape because they have straight lines.


I then painted each square a different color–this was just my preference.


Because I used acrylic paint for the colors, when I removed the tape some of paint came off too which is fine because I wanted it to be more rustic.


I then sanded the edges and scuffed up the sign to give it a worn look. And here’s the finished project.


To tone down the white and make it look less new, I thinned out some tan acrylic paint with water and painted it over the whole sign, then wiped off most of it.

Once it dried I sprayed 2 clear coats to make a seal. I then added picture saw tooth hangers on the back. And lastly I glued on some silverware.

My inspiration came from a sign I saw on Pinterest from another blogger. Here is her Eat Sign.

Now I just need the drinking merry part…. Maybe just a drunken Mary? That sounds like a drink name. Ok maybe it’s just late and I need to go to bed!

See y’all tomorrow! šŸ˜‰



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