Feature Friday: DIY Gel Nail Tutorial

Today’s Feature Friday is brought to you by Josie.

I wanted to try a new product for nails that I have been seeing on TV commercials so I thought I’d share my results with you after applying it last night.

Here are my natural nails:


The product is called Gel Perfect by Nutra Nail. It is supposed to provide “Ding-Free Protection” in 5 minutes that sets rock solid with a “Patent Leather Shine.” Unlike some of the other gel nail manicures on the market this one does not require an LED light. It costs $14.99 regularly at Walgreens but with the new Walgreens card I got it for $9.99 (I was excited).

This is the product:


It comes with 3 bottles; one for cleaning the brushes, one for the gel color, and one that is called the activator. The instructions included provide step-by-step directions which are easy to follow but are a bit more than a regular polish.

Something I will point out about the product if you want to try it is; be aware of the smell. The activator is strong and brought tears to my eyes sort of like cutting up an onion. Also, be careful to not let the product pool around the edges of your nails because it is very difficult to remove it is very thick and is “hard as a rock.” Any of the color that got on my skin came off easily with nail polish remover but the part connected directly to the nail color on the nail bed isn’t going anywhere until I attempt to remove it in about a week if it lasts.


According to the instructions you will need to buy a special remover made just for this gel polish or use regular nail polish remover but after it is applied, wrap your nails in aluminum foil for 2 minutes. We will see…

As of right now, it is very shinny and looks nice and it did set in 5 minutes like the box promised which was nice. I will give an update next week to let you know how long it lasted and if I think it is worth the time, effort, and money but after a few days of dishes I will know if it’s worth it or not. If you have used this product please share what you discovered as well.

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