Throwback Thursday: Every Penny Counts

Growing up I was critical of my mom for how “stingy” she was with her money. I did not really understand the value of a dollar and I felt like she was too much of a penny pincher.

As a young person I felt a little embarrassed at times when mom would brag about finding shoes or a shirt for $1.

But now, as an adult, I have actually become a lot like her in her thriftiness and I have really started to value every single penny that I have.

Today, I visited the newest Dollar Tree store near my job during my lunch break. Upon returning to work I almost shouted from the rooftop about how impressed I was with their $1 items. I have been to Dollar stores before with food, but this one was converted from a restaurant so with all the space they were able to have a huge refrigerated/freezer section including frozen veggies and low calorie frozen meals. I was in a hurry so I haven’t done a full shopping trip there yet, but I foresee an upcoming blog post in which I describe a meal made using only items purchased from the Dollar Tree.

FYI, in case you didn’t know, if you are in need of a bulk order from Dollar Tree, you can order through their online store as well here: Dollar Tree.

Today my light bulb went off–about my childhood feelings of resentment–so I would like to publicly apologize to my mother. I forgive you for ordering for me from McDonalds’, the cheapest thing they had on the menu, before there was a dollar menu!! And I love you and your thriftiness. It has come in handy!


P.S. I have not received any compensation for being hyped about the Dollar Tree, although I would welcome a gift card to there (Hint Hint Dollar Tree).

Post Script: My mom won’t read this public apology, but I will read it to her! LOL


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Every Penny Counts

  1. My mom was much the same way, but as an adult, I have mixed feelings about being raised that way. On the one hand, I learned the value of the dollar and to not be wasteful, but I still cringe about the small tips left for our servers in restaurants (25 cents for 4 meals!) and my mom buying all her clothes at yard sales in her later years, and really being obsessed with getting something cheap rather than going for quality. So I guess, as with everything, there’s a balance and I hope you and I have managed to find it 🙂

    • Thankfully my mom always gives a good tip. I think because she has served before. She has even tipped the cook when she felt the food was fantabulous! LOL

      I always pray that I have a balanced mind about this kind of stuff.

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