Wisdom Wednesday: Always Save

This is just a reminder that maybe had I read before this happened to me, it would have saved a lot pain, heartache and frustration.

First let me say this. I have worked with office documents for many years. I have done a lot of writing, editing, researching, and even training on how to use office applications. But yet, I still found myself in an extremely unpleasant predicament. It was no one else’s fault, but mine.

I was writing a research paper for college.

I had emailed myself some information on an attachment. When I opened the attachment, I just used the attachment to continue writing my paper.

At no point along the way did I save the paper until I got to the end.

I clicked “save as” so I could move it to a new folder, rename it and save it all at the same time. I typed in a new name, put it in my documents folder and hit ‘save.’

Then because I knew the email program I was using wouldn’t allow me to send it while it was open, I closed it.

This is where everything got really bad for me.

When I closed it, a dialogue box popped up asking me to save it again. But since I had already went through the save process, I clicked no.

What was I thinking?

I wasn’t thinking. I was in a hurry and trying to get it done and over.

When I opened my email and proceeded to attach the document, it didn’t exist. And since I hadn’t saved the update to the original file, all the work I had done was gone.

I had spent a combined 10 hours over several days. The document was over 1,500 words or about 8-10 pages. I had 6 sources with information.

I had an IT friend log in remotely to look for the info and another IT friend came over the next day and it was gone. Into some abyss.

My point in sharing this is to remind you the importance of saving your computer work.

But furthermore when we get used to something we start to take it for granted. Whether it be a loved one, co worker or piece of technology. When we lose our respect and attention to detail we lose out.

Make sure you save your work but more importantly save your relationships. Show respect. Don’t lose out on all the time and energy you put into building your life.



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