Feature Friday: Make-up Tip

Here is my sister Josie with an important make-up tip.

I see that most women wear make-up and do a beautiful job but the most common thing I see that is left out and makes a big difference is eyebrows.


Me without eyebrows highlighted.

Well groomed eyebrows are a good starting point. But in addition to plucking, waxing, threading and/or trimming, it is also helpful to shape and contour your brows with shadow to fill in and darken if needed. This is an alternative to eye brow pencils. I do not like brow pencils because they have pulled hairs out of my brows in the past creating more of a problem.

I use a Maybelline eye contour palette. The darkest color in the palette works for my shade of hair but you will want to experiment to find the shade that works for you. I use an angled thin shadow brush and make short strokes in the hair line. Remember less is more with the shadow, don’t overdo it because a little goes a long way with your brows.

Then I use a regular small tooth brush, which I have designated for this job only, to get the hairs to go in the right direction. I do not like the regular brow brushes with the comb on the other side because this does not get the whole brow. Try adding a little extra to your brows if you don’t and see if it balances your face and gives you a more finished look.


Me with contoured eyebrows.

Hope this helps you take your make-up routine to the next level. 😉



6 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Make-up Tip

  1. U know I must be honest about my eyebrows…. They are a hot mess! I have the hardest time shaping them to my face. What would u recommend to help with that?

  2. Yea it’s a big difference, I pluck mine but I still don’t like them..whenever I become rich u will be my traveling hair and make up person ! 😜

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