Throwback Thursday: Fortune Teller

We talked about this throwback in a church group last night so I decided to write about it. I am sure there are other names for this kids game from back in the day but after I googled it, this is what came up: Fortune Teller.

I made one this morning based on memory alone and it came flooding back to me. I’m guessing I had to make a ton of these back in the day.

Here’s my latest version:


The question I asked it was: “Who am I going to marry?”

Here were my options:


Just in case you can’t see the writing: Shemar Moore, Matthew McConaughey, Vin Diesel and Channing Tatum.

Guess who I won? Vin Diesel.

If you wanna make one and you need some directions, here’s some online instructions:

Fortune Teller

There you go. Flashback to your past….do you remember the “fortune teller?” And can you still make it from memory?

Tomorrow’s Friday…have a great start to your weekend. 😉


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Fortune Teller

  1. I loved that game when I was younger!!!! I taught my cousins how to make those a few years back, but I only had them put positive things in them. Fun times, thanks for the throwback Angie!!!! 🙂

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