Soulful Sunday: Stop criticizing yourself

You have heard that you are your own worst critic right?

I know that I am more critical than anyone else is when it comes to my crafts and musical ability but why?

When we focus on all the negativity, not only do we sell ourselves short, but we’re missing out on so much.

It drives me crazy when a person who I see as beautiful, an incredible friend, loyal wife, thoughtful mother, etc. can only focus on the things she imagines are negative about herself.

Here’s my thought for the day, this week I challenge you to catch yourself when you say or think something negative about yourself and exchange it for something positive.

If you can’t think of something positive about yourself, think of a compliment you received from a friend or family member, maybe something nice that was written to you in a birthday card or on Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.



11 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday: Stop criticizing yourself

  1. That is a thought provoking topic today, Angie! I am going to try to stay more positive after reading your challenge. My mother used to have a little picture in our kitchen that said: God doesn’t make junk! : )

  2. I know some self critical people who I believe would be absolutely perfect if not for their erroneous negative thoughts about their own self image.

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