Feature Friday: Inner Beauty

My BEAUTIFUL sister Josie

When my sister asked me to write for Feature Fridays, she wanted me to give tips on make-up, fashion, and health and beauty. Today I want to talk about beauty.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, shades, ages, and backgrounds. Usually the things that you don’t think are beautiful or that you are sensitive about are only in your head. I think beauty is doing the best you can with what you’ve been given.

For me, I feel most beautiful when I feel good physically. People say beauty is what’s within and I agree, but also along the idea of what you put inside your body; it can change how you feel and help you feel more beautiful.

If you haven’t read about the benefits of drinking green tea, you will be amazed. Green tea helps with skin’s appearance, healthy body weights, and lowers your risk of cancer just to name a few.

I drink Lipton green tea flavored with passion fruit/mango almost every day. It is the first green tea that I really love and after I found that I liked it and started drinking it regularly, I really started to feel better. I started noticing physical changes to my body for the better and I haven’t been getting sick as often. I work with little ones and this is huge for me because those little guys are always passing something around. My skin seems to be clearer and I know I’m doing something good for my body.

My suggestion is to try different kinds of green tea until you find one you like, but also be aware of the sugar content. Try switching at least one of the unhealthy drinks you have each day for green tea and see if you find that you start to feel better. This feeling can lead you to looking even more beautiful than you already are.

I want to share a link to the benefits of drinking green tea.

25 reasons to drink green tea


Thanks Josie for your health/beauty tip for today. I’m going to get my green tea with passionfruit/mango right now! 🙂  Angie


10 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Inner Beauty

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the benefits of green tea, Josie! I guess I need to cut down on the coffee and have a cuppa tea instead!

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