Merry Monday: I always laugh

This weekend I watched 2 really funny movies.

I finally watched “Horrible Bosses” which was hilarious! I don’t know why I like him so much but I really enjoy Jason Bateman’s characters when he’s being funny/sarcastic/silly. Some other movies where I like his character are “The Change-Up,” “Couples Retreat” and “Hancock.”

The only time I HATED Jason Bateman was when he played Chip Sanders in “The Ex.” I seriously wanted to strangle him!

The other funny movie I watched this weekend was Bruce Almighty. My mom always says I’m the female version of Jim Carrey. And even when we started watching it, my roommate Brandi said I’m just like him.

I always wonder why my mom and now Brandi think I have so much in common with Jim Carrey, and then I remember this pic from a few years ago, and yeah, now I see the comparison!

Me & Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey)

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite funny moments of all time, which is from Bruce Almighty.

Click on the link here:Ā Bruce Almighty Excerpt

Hope you have a Merry Monday and that you enjoy the rest of your week. Remember, LAUGHTER is the best medicine!



12 thoughts on “Merry Monday: I always laugh

  1. Angie, you’re the best. The pic is riDUNKulously funny. Due to my only accessing internet via my phone, I am currently unable to access the excerpt. But I too enjoy the movies you mentioned…especially The Change Up, definitely a grown-up’s movie, but absolutely worth the laughter. These movies and your posts (now blog) keeps a chuckle in my spirit.

  2. That was my favorite part of Bruce Almighty too! That was the first time I had seen Steve Carrel in anything. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it, especially when he started talking gibberish at the end.
    P.S. – Nice hat, Angie šŸ˜€

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