Super Craft Saturday: Fall Wood Pumpkins

Today’s craft project is wood pumpkins. I made these pumpkins in a few hours and I actually had all the supplies needed. You don’t even want to see my apartment. It looks like Hobby Lobby exploded inside! I need to write a post about organizing my apartment just so I can actually organize!

I digress….

Here are the pumpkins and steps I took to make them.

Step 1

Got my wood scraps out that my friend who is a carpenter / builder gave me 4 months ago. (Disregard the lighter fluid in the background.)

Wood Scraps

Step 2

Sanded edges and surface lightly to remove splinters. Painted a few coats of white and taped off the board to make white stripes. Then I painted several light coats of “Pumpkin Orange.”

Painted Wood

Step 3

Removed painters tape.

Removing Painter’s Tape

Step 4

I sanded the boards with a sanding sponge until I felt like my arm had gone limp.

Sanding Boards

Step 5

Here are the boards after they were painted and weathered.

Pumpkin Orange Boards

Step 6

I then hand painted white circles on one board using no method at all. With no rhyme or reason. “Here’s a good spot for a polka dot.”

Polka Dots on Board

Step 7

I looked up a cool font and tried my best to recreate it freehand with a paint pen. Which is the same hand on the same limp arm. This is my excuse for any wonky looking lettering.

Hand Painting Boards

Step 8

I found some free sticks near the dumpster and retention pond by my apartment. Then I sawed them to the appropriate size–with adult supervision (or should I say Helen yelling at me “Don’t cut off your finger.”) I glued the sticks on as stems and then wrapped and glued jute/twine on as reinforcement. It looked bare at this point, so I rummaged through my material box and found green burlap and cut faux leaves from the burlap.

Here is the finished product….

DIY Wooden Hand Painted Pumpkins

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