Throwback Thursday: Favorite TV Show

The first TV show I can remember watching and loving was Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff as the main character: Michael Knight. I remember watching it on Friday nights when I was in Kindergarten!

I loved the idea of a talking car– KITT– and I wanted one of my own–when I grew up!

When I was about 16 years old, I babysat two girls during the summer and part of our TV time that summer were replays of Knight Rider. I watched it like it was the first time watching it!

Of course the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) has a link with a description of the show here: Knight Rider.

I’m sure we all have different shows that made impressions as a youth. What was the first TV show that you were hooked on?





10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Favorite TV Show

  1. They weren’t the first shows I ever watched, but when I was in high school, I loved watching “The Man from Uncle” and the original “Star Trek.” It always seemed like they were on SO late (probably 10:00), and I usually fell asleep watching them in my room on my little black and white TV. I also remember watching “The Saint” with Roger Moore around the same time period when my family would spend the weekend at our cabin in southern Ohio. Good times!

  2. Michael Knight, my first tv crush lol… And I also wanted the car when I got older… Sorry Ang… Didn’t scroll down far enough to see this lol

  3. I remember having to watch the Lawrence Welk show with my grandparents….ugh! But when I was a little older I watched Love Boat and Fantasy Island. I loved those shows every Saturday Night.

  4. Mine was def. Dukes of Hazard & Wonder Woman!! To this day I still LOVE those shows! My sister & I would never open the car doors, we would always get in through the windows. We would have our mom roll the windows down for us before we would get in. I was gonna marry Bo Duke & my sister was gonna marry Luke. When we weren’t playing Dukes, we were playing Wonder Woman! Awe the memories…those were the days 🙂

  5. I enjoyed ‘Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’ (Australia), not sure if it ever made it to the US TV scene. When I got to the US I was also drawn to ‘The Knight Rider’ because of Kitt. It inspired me so much to ‘invest’ in a Kitt-wanna-be car later in my adult years. My disappointment was that, although it had a touch screen monitor and was way ahead of it’s time, it did not talk to me. I was a die-hard fun of ‘The Saint’ and ‘Mission Impossible’. And oh. . . . how oh how, can I forget ‘Hawaii 5-O’!

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