Wisdom Wednesday: Puppy Love

For today’s Wisdom Wednesday I’m featuring a story by my friend Nancy. Not only is her story sweet and cute, but there is an important lesson to be learned.

Take it away Nancy….

Her name is Khaki.  My 10 pound bundle of endless energy and unremitting joy.  The solution to our empty nest.  My new puppy.  My baby girl.

I found her on Petfinders.com and fell in love at first sight.  This is her on-line photo.  How could anyone resist this face?

I drove all the way to Tampa to adopt her because she was my “perfect puppy.” Being a proud mama, I plastered her pictures all over Facebook, and took her out for walks to show her off and for visits to Petsmart and the groomer.  This is how Khaki looked after her first trip to the groomer.

Everywhere we went, people would comment on how cute she was, and then they would inevitably ask what kind of dog she was. I explained that she was a rescue dog and that her mother is a Shih Tzu, but her father’s breed is unknown. I patiently told the story of her humble beginnings many times, but it seemed that every other dog we met was a pure-bred, and I started to feel that my adorable little puppy was somehow less than those pedigreed dogs. I started embellishing a little, saying that she is part Shih Tzu and part Jack Russell terrier (because that’s what many people said she looked like), when in reality she is a mixed breed, with emphasis on the word mixed!

When I realized what I had been doing, I felt ashamed for looking at Khaki as a status symbol and worrying so much about what other people thought. She’s perfect the way she is – she’s happy and healthy and unique, and she has brought so much joy into our lives. She’s one of a kind!

People are the same way. We hate to be different. We compare ourselves to everybody else. We worry too much about what other people think about us. And some of us came from backgrounds – through no fault of our own – that are downright horrible!

Don’t be ashamed of where you came from or what your family is like. Don’t try to live up to somebody else’s expectations or be like somebody else. Embrace the uniqueness that God put into you and enjoy being yourself!  Like Khaki, you’re one of a kind!


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