Feature Friday: Fall Fashion Tip

Today I’m featuring a fashion tip from my sister Josie. She’s one of the nicest and most genuine people I know. She’s one of those people who is caring by nature. She is also a loyal wife, step-mother, daughter, sister and friend, who always gives of herself sacrificially with no expectation of reciprocation!

Besides all the good character qualities she possesses, she is also beautiful on the outside. She is a trained cosmetologist. She is knowledgeable in fashion. And she has an incredible knack for finding the best deals. I consider her my own personal stylist guru–even though she is currently with her husband who is stationed in California and I’m all the way here in Florida!

Here she is:

And without further ado, here is Josie’s fashion tip:

Thank you for letting me join in on the blogging fun Angie!

A hot trend going into the fall season is printed jeans and, in particular, floral printed jeans.

If this is terrifying to anyone else like it is to me— I remember the early 90’s, see me in pic below— I have a couple of ideas to help you be part of the trend without sacrificing your dignity.

First, you could look for something that is a print in the same color pattern like these printed jeans from H & M or this paisley pair from Lane Bryant. (Zoom in on pic to see the pattern.)

They are trendy, yet sophisticated enough to wear to work on dress-down days or out to dinner with the right accessories.

Second idea, look for jeans that are metallic.

They can be found in black, gold, and silver, but since the material is denim, they will be comfy with class. These jeans will also go well into the holiday season and would be great for holiday parties and winter get-togethers.

These options make me feel better about joining in on the fun jean look. If you are still hesitant just go try some on; you never know how you’ll like it.

Here are two examples of the metallic jean from Target and Charlotte Russe.

If you’re bold enough and want to get in on the trend—Check out these floral print pants from Lane Bryant.

Thanks for reading,



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