Wisdom Wednesday: Car Care

Can You Afford It?

Working at a used car dealership has taught me a lot about cars. I work in the office and handle payments and paperwork so I’m no expert on car repairs or mechanical issues.

Yesterday one of my bosses said “Can you Google the engine displacement for a 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville?” I’ve been here for almost 2 years and I was thinking “I’ve never even heard of engine displacement!”

If you’re curious, the answer is: 5425 cm3 / 331.1 cui displacement. By the way, I have no idea what that means.

Although I’m not a mechanic, I have a lot of experience in how to handle people calling in with car problems. And what I have learned is that a lot of car problems could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

Some people say they don’t maintain their cars like they should because they don’t have the time or the extra money and they’ll fix it when they have more money. But the truth is car maintenance should be a priority. If you can’t afford maintenance now, how are you going to afford a huge repair bill?


Transmission service (estimate):  $ 50-$450 depending on level of service and type of transmission.

Transmission rebuild: $1,500 and up.

New Transmission: Over $2,000 or more.

These figures are all rough estimates, as the cost will vary based on the year/make/model of the car. But even if you spent the most on servicing your transmission, it would still be a lot less than spending the least for a rebuilt/used transmission.

If you are interested in learning how to maintain your car, there is a plethora of info available on the internet. If you are like how I was before working at a car lot and are intimidated or don’t really know where to start, I’ll provide a few resources for you.

I found an article about taking care of your car. It was hanging up in my boss’s office. It is simple and provides a lot of knowledge. He said it was taken from a newsletter from bottomlinepublications.

If you have recently bought a car, new or used, the information in the following article can save you thousands in future repairs.

Here is the article:

Car Smarts

Other Maintenance Info:

Tuffy Tips

Car Maintenance

Car Care Corner–Pep Boys

What car care tips do you have?  What car problems have you experienced due to lack of maintenance?


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