A Child’s Imagination

The 2 year old version of me loved to imagine. I know this because my mother told me that I had imaginary friends at the age of 2.

Their names: Dotta and Beam Beam.

My mom also told me that when she asked me what “Beam Beam” meant I responded “You know mom, like moon beams.”

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and meet that kid.

I was able to hold conversations at 14 months old. I swung our cat–named Grandma Cat–in a hammock. I put her kittens in a kiddy pool. I played with lizards. I convinced my sister to eat hot peppers by telling her they were cherries. And around 10 years old, I remember turning a fallen branch into my own starship enterprise (picture below).

I was always involved in some type of artistic expression. I excelled in art classes. I learned to play the piano, starting in 3rd grade. I sang in my school choir. Played the bass drum for one summer semester. I always helped with DIY projects around the house.

Then I grew up. And life started happening. Artsy/Crafty me decided to get jobs in non creative positions.

I did really well while working for a mortgage company. Even though I had very administrative duties, I was able to also participate in our company’s spirit team. I helped plan events. We hosted parties and I decorated people’s desks for birthdays. I enjoyed my job–but mostly because I was able to satisfy my creative side with all the side projects.

When the company was shut down, I didn’t just lose my job, I lost family, friends, community and constant life celebrations.

During the months of unemployment, I went through an intense personal journey. I was depressed. I felt like someone close to me had died. A lot of my friends ended up moving. Including my best friends–who now live in Texas (while I’m still in Florida).

It was during my days unemployed that I discovered a whole new world. I found a blog that changed my life. A creative woman started a blog just to share with friends and family and it turned into a blossoming career.

I didn’t believe that would be my story, but just looking at all the work she did inspired me to be creative again. I started making things. I not only found a renewed passion, but I had a lot of people interested in buying gifts and greeting cards for special occasions. I named that venture Pure Imaginations and I am constantly nurturing my crafty / creative side.

We all grow up. We dream less. We get into ruts. Our focus changes. And many of us stop imagining.

But my goal is to never let my creativity and imagination go away. I am learning to focus on what I enjoy doing. To me Dotta and Beam Beam, represent imagination. For anyone who reads my daily antics, I’d like Dotta and Beam Beam to remind you to be true to yourself.

I hope to make the 2 year old version of me happy about who I have become.

What childhood imaginations and passions lie dormant in your heart?


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